GuestJam: Basket Weaving with Taller Textil Dos Coyotes

Is there anything that feels more quintessentially “Spring” than a woven basket? Collecting Easter Eggs, picking fresh flowers, housing your dirty laundry…the possibilities are really endless!

We’re beyond excited to welcome back Karla Belinda Amezcua from Taller Textil Dos Coyotes for a basket weaving GuestJam to celebrate all those wonderful spring things. If you’ve been itching to learn how a simple material like reed is seemingly magically turned into a 3-dimensional object then you’re in luck! In this 3 hour workshop Karla will show you how to craft your own beautiful handmade basket using basic basket weaving techniques, plus how to add options for both hanging and carrying your favorite new accessory.

In this GuestJam you will learn: 

  • What material to use for wicker basketry
  • How to create a basket
  • How to use natural materials
  • How to add finishing touches with handles, macrame rope or found objects like branches

This is a beginner class, no previous basketry knowledge needed! In 3 hours you’ll learn how to weave your way to a gorgeous new basket with some extra reed and supplies to get started on another.

About the Artist

Karla Belinda Amezcua is a Mexican artist and textile designer with a degree in textile design and a Master’s Degree in visual arts. Her studio Taller Textil Dos Coyotes is based in Mexico City and dedicated to the dissemination and rescue of textile artisan techniques through workshops, courses, and meetings. Her textile techniques and materials range from pre-Hispanic forms to contemporary textile arts such as loom weaving, backstrap loom, embroidery, yarn, basketry and natural dyes.