Negative Space Embroidery

Want to step up your embroidery skills and impress your friends? Look no further! Join our satin stitch-based embroidery workshop and level up your stitching skills!  You’ll learn how to ‘paint with thread’ and to create colorful layouts and negative space embroideries with lots of texture. Reach new levels and make your embroidery pop, creating the perfect new decoration to your or your loved ones’ home!  

In this CraftJam you will learn: 

  • How to choose the correct thread count/ply for satin stitch
  • How to design and compose methods for negative space
  • Elements of color theory
  • The advantage of texture in embroidery
  • How combining a colorful layout with negative space and lots of texture will result in a beautiful piece of art. 

We suggest having a basic understanding of embroidery methods and stitches before taking this class (e.g. prepping your hoop, threading your needle, essential embroidery stitches, such as the running stitch, back stitch).This makes a great companion class to our Beginner Embroidery CraftJam.